Thoughts about Scenes From A Kayak, volume 2

“It’s absolutely stunning you guys. I feel so honored to have my very own copy!!! And the surprise … well, it’s incredible too!”

Megg Mueller

“It is a masterpiece well worth the price.”

Larry Burton

I became friends with Kippy and Jeremy many years ago through an online photography group. They. We’re always inspiring and creative photographers and helped the individuals within the group keep in touch. I can vouch for their creativity and their photography skills. Having an overly healthy fear of water the only thing I can say about sailing skills is they do a great job of sharing the wonders of sailing with a land lover like me through their wonderful photography. I am sure Scenes From A Kayak will be a rewarding adventure.

Mary Tevebaugh

Those who’ve received their copies know that this books is sent with a biodegradable, custom-designed-and-3D-printed bookmark shaped like our kayaks and printed with partly wood fibers. What better to represent wooden kayaks? We asked that people take a quick cell phone snap of their favorite photos, with their bookmark, so we could share those posts on social media. It’s pretty awesome that so many people have a tough time picking just one favorite!

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  1. Truly AMAZING!!! The photography and the stories behind it are great! And the story of your kayaks just makes it even better…I wouldn’t have the patience to do that.

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